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Getting the needle without any pain and you can realize the genuine medical skill in the field of
Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shen Qi Chinese Medical Centre Rotterdam.

Medicine from the East can combine with Methods from the west to give effective results

Chinese Acupuncture
Acupuncture medicine is gaining popular recognition today. Indeed, The Chinese have been practicing acupuncture successfully for over 2,000 years and it is probably one of the best know of the world. The merits of acupuncture in Europe are widely known among those who practice it and those who have benefited from it, but a surprising number of people are still afraid the needle will cause pain, in Shen Qi Chinese Medical Centre patients getting the needles without any pain and achieved satisfied results.
Today, the Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion have been widely spread to over 160 countries and regions. It has become an important component of world medicine and has made greater contributions to the health of mankind.

飞针技术 无痛针法


Prof. Lin giving acupuncture lecture in the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, 1992

Fig. Pneumolobectomy in progress under acupuncture anesthesia Beijing, China (1958)

Chief features of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
In TCM the integrity of the body is emphasized, and its relationship with the natural world. The body is an organic integral, and its functions are interconnected, There is a close relationship between the body and the natural environment, The body maintains its normal activities by adapting itself to the environment, Remolding the natural environment so as to preserve the integrity of the body is the holistic concept. This viewpoint manifests itself in the thought of ancient materialism and dialectics, and permeates physiology, pathology, diagnosis, identification of syndrome and treatment of disease. The TCM are not only identifies the disease, but also the syndrome.

Chinese Herbal Medicine
Each herbal has its own specific characters. In TCM, the different characters of herbal are employed to treat diseases, rectify the hyperactivity or hypo activity of yin or yang, and help the body restore its normal physiological functions, consequently curing the diseases and restoring health.
Long-time over-intake of chemical medicines may result in drug resistance, and side effects of some drugs will produce serious sequelaes. The Chinese medicine have no side effects, it can increase the immunity of the body, for it works only through adjusting the functions of the body.

Chinese Medical (Tui-Na) Massage
Chinese medical Tui-Na massage is a subject of medicine guided by the theories of traditional Chinese medicine, are one of the medical manipulation therapies, in which manipulations are used to stimulate the points or other parts of the body surface so as to correct the physiological imbalance of the body and achieve curative effects.

Modern studies have confirmed that the Acupuncture treatment has effect of dual-direction regulation of the body function and Chinese herbal medicine have effective for stimulating the central nervous system, facilitating the functional activities, strengthening the resistance of the body, promoting blood circulation, relieving inflammations, tranquilizing the mind, relieving pain and spasm, promoting metabolism, digestion and absorption, and Tui-Na can improve the microcirculation of the blood and lymphatic systems, which brings quicker recovery to various injuries of soft tissue such as sprain and contusion.

To develop modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine study on principles of Acupuncture analgesia and Jingluo (Meridians and Collaterals) phenomena are typical examples of applying modern scientific and technological methods to studying traditional medicine with remarkable success.




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